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  • .Grants

    • Apply for housing land
    • Apply for housing grant
    • Apply for Housing construction grant
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) grant
    • Apply for apartment grant
    • Apply for a housing construction request on a relative’s land
  • .Loans

    • Apply for Housing loan
    • Apply for housing construction loan
    • Apply for housing purchase
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) loan
    • Apply for housing unit loan from local market
    • Apply for housing unit rent
  • .To Whom It May Concern

  • .Request For One Year Maintenance

  • .Facilitation Program

  • .Payment of Arrears of Installments Due

  • .Apply For Early settlement

  • .Apply For Liability Letter

  • .Apply For Reducing the loan value

  • .Apply For Update Customer Data

  • .Self Financing Reward "Awad"

  • Business Services

    • Apply For Opening File for New Project
    • Apply For First Payment
    • Apply For Running Payment
    • Apply For Retention Payment
    • Apply For Final Payment
    • Apply For Disbursement of construction loan payments / financial aid grant payments 750 thousand
    • Apply For Housing Maintenance, Addition and Replacement loan payments
    • Apply For To Whom It May Concern Letter for projects with percentage of achievement
    • Apply For Termination and suspension of current contractor
    • Apply For Letter Requesting Discount Price
  • Suppliers and Contractor

    • Suppliers Registration Services
    • Classification and the Nomination Guide for Suppliers
    • Supplier and Contractor Evaluation
  • Application Status

  • Housing Maintenance Status

  • Loan Calculator

  • Housing Cost Calculator


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85MB | v3.3.4

New and completely developed for the Establishment's clients, and it can be used in both languages: Arabic and English as the application has various housing smart services and the information that were designed to satisfy client's needs and requirements.

Main Services:

  • Housing construction loan service
  • Housing maintenance and expansion loan service
  • Ready housing loan service
  • Residential land grant service
  • Maintenance and addition grant service
  • Government housing grant service
  • Financial aid grant service
  • Full house purchase service


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Support Services:

  • Amending registration request service
  • Housing request inquiry service
  • Remaining loan sum inquiry service
  • Contractor payments for building projects inquiry service
  • Update on the availability of favored ready housing
  • Loan calculation service
  • Contact information update service
  • Prompt client message update service
  • Suggestion , questions , complaints and comments submit service
  • To whom it may concern letter request
  • Early settlement
  • Debt statement request
  • Client service guide
  • Ready housing booking
  • Allocating housing projects
  • Building loan payment approval
  • Viewing latest news and housing activities.
  • Loan payment statement
  • Log in by QR Code scanning to enable the customer to log in by scanning the QR Code instead of inserting username and password.
  • Adding special needs options such as increase and decrease of the font, change the application colors and reader engine.
  • Search engine to enable the customer to find the required service.
  • Instant chat with customer service.

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